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Coordinator of the Louth Field Names Project Tender

The Louth Field Names Group is a voluntary group established in May 2012 in order to record an estimated 25,000 field names in 670 townlands in Co Louth. The project is guided by an elected Steering Group along with a network of 200 local volunteers and the goodwill of Louth I.F.A., County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society (C.L.A.H.S.) and Louth County Library Services.The main responsibilities will include:

  • Planning the structure and process for data collectors over the agreed timeframe and collation of the output,
  • Managing the project objectives and contributors within the agreed timeframe,
  • Coordinating the parish leaders and local groups and liaising with C.L.A.H.S. and Louth I.F.A., Louth Partnership and Louth County Library Service,
  • Reporting to the Steering Group on a monthly basis.

The successful tender will operate on a part time basis of 100 days over an 18 month contract beginning in March 2013. Further details are available on the eTenders website here.