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Introduction to Fieldwalking CPD

Despite a forecast of gloom the weather held for a really interesting Introduction to Fieldwalking CPD on Saturday 10th May 2014. Fieldwalking IAI CPD Programme The field was chosen not only for its...
Day of the Dead: Recent Research in Human Osteoarchaeology
Day of the Dead: Recent Research in Human Osteoarchaeology Queen's University Belfast, 17th October to 19th October 2014   IAI CPD is delighted to be a sponsor of the
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Isotope Analysis CPD 19 March 2014, 16.11
Isotope Analysis CPD
The Talking teeth: Using isotope analysis in archaeological research seminar Isotope CPD_IAI Programme took place in the meeting room of the RSAI on the 27th
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IAI CPD Programme 2014 17 February 2014, 15.25
IAI CPD Programme 2014
Provisional IAI CPD Programme 2014 CPD 2013 Date Trainers Venue Talking teeth: using isotope analysis in archaeological research Thursday
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CPD Record 2013 08 January 2014, 13.12
CPD Record 2013
IAI CPD Record Sheet 2013 CPD is necessary in maintaining levels of professional competence and ensures that member’s skills are kept up-to-date. Returning CPD records
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EMAP Rediscovering Early Medieval Ireland CPD
The second of the Emerging Ideas Seminars took place on Friday 20th September 2013 in the Helen Roe Theatre of the RSAI. Re-Discovering the Archaeology of Early Medieval
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Topographical Survey 12 June 2013, 12.56
Topographical Survey
The Topographical Survey with The Discovery Programme took place on a sunny Monday (10th June) on the Hill of Tara. IAI_CPD_Top-Survey_10.6.13 Despite demand numbers
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Archaeology & Architecture CPD 28 May 2013, 15.44
Archaeology & Architecture CPD
The Archaeology & Architecture CPD with Franc Myles took place in the AV room of Collins Barracks on the 24th May 2013. Archaeology & Architecture CPD
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Emerging Ideas: Post-Medieval Seminar
The first of the IAI Emerging Ideas took place in the fitting environs of the old waterworks, the Lifetime Lab, in Cork on the 19th April 2013. Just under thirty people from
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2013 CPD Programme 20 February 2013, 16.17
2013 CPD Programme
IAI CPD programme 2013 2013 sees a new departure in IAI CPD with the inclusion of two Emerging Ideas -seminar based events on Early & Post Medieval Ireland. These are an
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Illustrating Archaeology CPD 07 November 2012, 15.49
Illustrating Archaeology CPD
IAI Illustrating Archaeology CPD 5.11.12, the final CPD of the 2012 Programme took place on Monday 5th November. Many thanks to the NRA who not only provided the venue,
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Deposition & Archiving 2012 02 October 2012, 11.24
Deposition & Archiving 2012
The 2012 DEPOSITION & ARCHIVING CPD began with a tour of the Collections Centre with Judith Finlay and Ed Bourke. The scale of the facility is huge although it is evident
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Corporate CPD 15 September 2012, 09.43
Corporate CPD
  On 12th September IAI delivered its first 'corporate' CPD to the Architect's Department of Fingal County Council. Tailored to the requirements of the architects it
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CPD Steering Group Meeting 15 September 2012, 09.26
CPD Steering Group Meeting
The second CPD Steering group meeting took place on Tuesday 11th September. Thank you to Stephen Johnston (Consultant)), Margaret Keane (DAHG), Ian Doyle (Heritage Council),
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Bone Identification CPD 22 August 2012, 08.41
Bone Identification CPD
  The first IAI CPD workshop to be held in Belfast took place on the 17th August 2012. Dr Finbar McCormick of QUB gave participants a lively run through of the
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Monument Survey CPD 10 July 2012, 15.22
Monument Survey CPD
  It was a rather damp day on the Hill of Tara-many thanks to the OPW for providing the venue-when 19 intrepid souls turned up for the IAI_CPD_MonumentSurvey_9.7 The day
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Community Archaeology 26 June 2012, 11.20
Community Archaeology
A host of speakers gathered at Dalgan Park in County Meath on the 15th June. IAI_CPD_'Community Archaeology is a 'hot topic' and a mix of archaeologists, architects and
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Introduction to Archaeological Geophysics
Heather Gimson and James Bonsall of Earthsound Ltd hosted An Introduction to Archaeological Geophysics on a cracking day on the 25th May in Tipperary. The history and
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Introduction to Conservation Plans
It was a full house for the Introduction to Conservation Plans hosted by the Heritage Council at their headquarters in Kilkenny on the 29th March. The Heritage Council's
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First Aid for Finds 25 June 2012, 15.04
First Aid for Finds
  First Aid for Finds 1st December 2011 saw a repeat of the popular First Aid for Finds workshop held in the Conservation Department of the National Museum. The advice for
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Archaeobotanical Sampling 25 June 2012, 15.02
Archaeobotanical Sampling
  The Environmental Sampling CPD sampling course held by members of the Irish Wood Anatomists Association and the Irish Archaeobotany Discussion Group in TCD. This was an
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LiDAr & GIS 25 June 2012, 15.00
  New technologies, their uses and limitations were dealt with in our Lidar, GIS & Archaeology Lidar GIS & Archaeology CPD with Will Megarry in UCD (22nd October) and
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Communicating Archaeology II 25 June 2012, 14.54
Communicating Archaeology II
Communicating Archaeology II 28th September This workshop built Communicating Archaeology I held in Galway in June 2011. The NRA supplied the venue which was conducive to
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Archiving & Deposition 2011 25 June 2012, 14.46
Archiving & Deposition 2011
  Archiving & Deposition 19th August 2011 Almost 30 people attended the Archiving & Deposition workshop held by the National Museum and the Archive Unit of the National
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