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IAI Newsletter Issue 11, Summer 2014
The latest edition of IAI News is out
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Pay Rates Working Group Minutes & Report Review
IAI Information Meeting and Discussion on the Report by Working Group on Review of Pay Rates The full Minutes_05_04_2014 PRWG of the above session and the Interim Report of
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Spring Conference 2014-Synopsis 09 April 2014, 11.23
Spring Conference 2014-Synopsis
l-r Brian Hodkinson. Lord Mayor of Limerick and Rob Lynch This year's IAI Conference held in the Absolute Hotel Limerick 4th – 5th April was well attended. A good mix of
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Rural Development programme-IAI participation briefing
Briefing on IAI participation in consultations on the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020   Common Agricultural Policy The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
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Irish Water Archaeological Sevices 27 January 2014, 12.55
Irish Water Archaeological Sevices
UPDATE-Irish Water has reflected on an IAI submission on the pre-qualification financial threshold and has decided to remove the financial turnover requirement from the
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IAI News 18 December 2013, 22.02
IAI News
The latest edition of the IAI newsletter is now out-from Dublin GIS to digging up Derry, and from pay rates to spider cranes-there is something for all. Download your pdf copy
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IAI response to NI Audit Office report on 'archaeological' claims
The Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland has responded to the publication of the report by the Comptroller and Auditor General to the NI Assembly on claims arising out of
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Profiling the Profession - Discovering the Archaeologists of Ireland 2012-2014
The DISCO II questionnaire is currently being sent out to as many archaeologists (individuals, companies and organisations) as possible around the island of Ireland. The
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Lough Derg Heritage Trail app 08 November 2013, 22.59
Lough Derg Heritage Trail app
The Lough Derg Heritage Trail is a free app that makes the rich heritage on and around Lough Derg, the largest lake on the River Shannon, accessible to locals and visitors.
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Waterford coastal heritage guide 08 November 2013, 22.24
Waterford coastal heritage guide
Historic Waterford –The Coast is a new heritage tourism guide published by Waterford County Council's Heritage and Conservation Officers which focuses on the archaeology
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